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  1. Financial Stability - Frederick L Feldkamp, R Christopher Whalen - Bok () | Bokus
  2. Guest Speaker- Christopher Whalen @ Cato Institute June 15
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Bagehot's Dictum a. Financial Markets from to the Great Depression Chapter 6. Resurrection, Recovery and Reform Chapter Saying vs. Economics: Savings Investment Chapter Capital Needs Chapter Sources of Capital Chapter Managing the Water Balloon Chapter Du kanske gillar. Permanent Record Edward Snowden Inbunden. Inbunden Engelska, Why did they get away with it? Because, as many people have noted, we have two legal systems in this country: one for the wealthy and well connected, and one for the rest of us.

Which is more or less what happened, at both the state and federal levels. In Washington, things were handled much more … professionally, you might say. The White House told the IRS not to investigate wholesale violation of tax laws because the trusts did not hold the mortgages they said they did p. In the end, the banks paid a few tens of billions of dollars in penalties—most of it fake, as Yves Smith showed long ago—and promised to obey laws they were already supposed to obey, and which they then found new ways to break.

So we have two legal systems: one for banks and law firms, and one for ordinary homeowners. And the reason we have two legal systems is because our political system is, well, rigged —how else would you put it? Yet the political establishment, from Republican attorneys general to a Democratic administration in Washington, closed ranks behind the big banks—at best because they thought it was necessary to keep the economy going, at worst because they were bought and paid for by campaign contributions and promises of private sector jobs.

This is the defining issue of our day. They did so because that was the path of least resistance. And that is the ultimate lesson we should all learn from the financial crisis.

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What a story. There is a law for youins the gvt , and there is a law for weins, the people and they AINT the same law. I bought a copy which was signed by David at a conference last month. I went to amazon.

Financial Stability - Frederick L Feldkamp, R Christopher Whalen - Bok () | Bokus

Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill have reminded me about the important of journalism and now that I follow David Dayen on twitter, I find out that he writes several good articles per week. As a lay person in this field, I appreciate trusted voices like James Kwak to verify what was my hunch in reading the book. Laws of property and person that predate the US republic have been abrogated and no one with the power to act seems to care very much.

Obama promised who?!! We need to hit the pause button here on nanosecond theft and prosecute the crime. Separate them out again…. The lost battle of the understand ables. Financial Crisis: Causes, Context, and Consequences. Reckless Endangerment NYT excerpt.

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    Guest Speaker- Christopher Whalen @ Cato Institute June 15

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