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The setting was absurd for as you said and the entire plot with Stevie just never made sense at any level. I couldn't wait for it to be over. Unfortunate script for John Anderson to go out on. Wow, second to last, didn't see that coming! About This Blog. Tyler Means, a senior citizen living off the legend of his former gunfighting prowess.

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Avoid getting killed in a gunfight by his jealous former partner. Memorable Quote: Yeah, but a man doesn't quit. A man just doesn't run away.

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You see, you always told me that. And now you're gonna run away.

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And the whole town's gonna know you're just a coward. Highlight: It's great to see John Anderson featured, and he does an excellent job as the crusty old-timer. It's ridiculous that it's but all the townspeople dress and act like it's the 's. Most Westerns could take place anywhere, anytime, if the cliches hold out.

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But in this one we're given a loving portrait of a Western town in transition. The time is somewhere around the turn of the century. Some buildings have electricity, most don't.

A single automobile has come this far West and is scaring hell out of the horses. The railroad went through a few years ago, and now the townsmen are trying to attract industry. The local editor takes William Allen White as his model, but the businessmen are already turning from frontiersmen into Babbitts. The only anachronism is the town marshal Richard Widmark , who is a good and brave marshal but does his job too well.

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And Patch still has his roots in an older West of pride and personal integrity. The town council doesn't have the guts to fire him.

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Against this background, we begin to meet the townspeople. And this is an amazing town, for a Western. It has Italians, Negroes, Jews and Greeks in it. Not only is there the obligatory parson, there's also a parish priest. And when a drunk gets killed in a shoot-out with Patch, everyone goes to the parish Rosary. We realize with astonishment that this town doesn't have the same stock characters who inhabit almost all Westerns.

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He never preaches, and he never lingers on the obvious. His characters do what they have to do.

The Last Gunfighter Series in Order - William W. Johnstone - FictionDB

Patch gradually gets in deeper and deeper. There's another killing. The county sheriff is called in.