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  1. Conceptual Frameworks and Methods for Advancing Invasion Ecology | SpringerLink
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Holmqvist, and J. Long-term data on invaders: When the fox is away, the mink will play. Biological Invasions — Carlton, J.

Vector science and integrated vector management in bioinvasion ecology: Conceptual frameworks. In Invasive alien species. A new synthesis , ed.

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Mooney, R. Mack, J. McNeely, L. Neville, P. Schei, and J.

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Waage, 36— Washington, DC: Island Press. Carpenter, D. Herbivory, time since introduction and the invasiveness of exotic plants. Journal of Ecology — Carthey, A. When does an alien become a native species?

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A vulnerable native mammal recognizes and responds to its long-term alien predator. Cassey, P.

Conceptual Frameworks and Methods for Advancing Invasion Ecology | SpringerLink

Blackburn, R. Duncan, and J. Lessons from the establishment of exotic species: A meta-analytical case study using birds. Journal of Animal Ecology — Catford, J. Jansson, and C. Reducing redundancy in invasion ecology by integrating hypotheses into a single theoretical framework. Diversity and Distributions 22— Chew, M. Ending with Elton: Preludes to invasion biology. Tempe: Arizona State University.

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Colautti, R. Diversity and Distributions — Davis, M. Invasion biology. In Fifty years of invasion ecology: The legacy of Charles Elton , ed. Richardson, — Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. Thompson, and J. Charles S. Elton and the dissociation of invasion ecology from the rest of ecology.

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  • Diversity and Distributions 7: 97— Dehnen-Schmutz, K. Rhododendron ponticum in Britain and Ireland: social, economic and ecological factors in its successful invasion. Environment and History — Touza, C. Perrings, and M. The horticultural trade and ornamental plant invasions in Britain.

    Conservation Biology — Dickinson, J.

    Biological Invasions: The Introduction of Non-Native Species Worldwide

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    Driscoll, C. Kathy Fallon, and K. BioScience — Ebeling, S. Hensen, and H.

    What research is needed?

    The invasive shrub Buddleja davidii performs better in its introduced range. Elton, C. The ecology of invasions by animals and plants. Essl, F. Dullinger, W. Rabitsch, P. Hulme, K. Kleinbauer, F. Krausmann, et al. Socioeconomic legacy yields an invasion debt. Fischer, A. Invasive plant suppresses charismatic seabird—The construction of attitudes towards biodiversity management options.

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