Guide Investment Valuation: Tools and Techniques for Determining the Value of Any Asset

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Series Wiley finance series. Online Available online. Full view.

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Law Library Crown. V3 D Unknown. More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. But the pricing of any financial asset has become a more complex task in modern financial markets. Now completely revised and fully updated to reflect changing market conditions, "Investment Valuation", Second Edition, provides expert instruction on how to value virtually any type of asset-stocks, bonds, options, futures, real assets, and much more.

Noted valuation authority and acclaimed NYU finance professor Aswath Damodaran uses real-world examples and valuation tools as he guides the reader through the theory and application of valuation models and highlights their strengths and weaknesses. Expanded coverage addresses: valuation of unconventional assets, financial service firms, start-ups, private companies, dot-coms, and many other traditionally valued assets; risk in foreign countries and how best to deal with it; using real option theory and option pricing models in valuing business and equity; the models used to value different types of assets and the elements of these models; how to choose the right model for any given asset valuation scenario; online real-time valuations that are continually updated online.

A guide for those who need to know more about the tricky business of valuation, "Investment Valuation", Second Edition, should be a valuable asset for anyone learning about this part of the investment process. Bibliographic information. Browse related items Start at call number: HG V3 D Should I adjust the beta for a firm's size or other characteristics? Can I use the yield to maturity on a bond issued by the company as the cost of debt? If I have an actual rating, do I need to even estimate a synthetic rating? How can I build a more complete model for estimating ratings?

Can I use book value of debt as a proxy for market value of debt?

Account Options

What should be in my market value of equity? A contrary view on betas Margin of Safety.. An alternative to beta? How do you know if a one-time charge or income is truly one time? One-time Write off? When would you include cash in working capital to compute cash flows? What marginal tax rate do you use when you have a firm that operates in multiple countries with different tax rates? What will happen to value if you ignore acquisitions when estimating capital expenditures? Special Purpose Entities. Why might analyst estimates of growth deviate from the fundamental growth rate?

Can you use historical, analyst and fundamental growth rates in the same valuation? Can the fundamental growth rate be negative? The inside of earnings growth in the s Evaluating analyst growth estimates Return on Capital, not growth Can I use a growth rate higher than the growth rate of the economy as my stable growth rate if my firm is a well-managed firm or if it has other stellar qualities?

When would you use liquidation value instead of terminal value? How do you estimate terminal multiples from fundamentals? Competitive Advantage Period. Can you value stocks that do not pay dividends with the dividend discount model? How do you allow for stock buybacks in the dividend discount models?

How does the personal taxation of dividends affect the value of a share?

Valuation Methods

The Dividend Discount Model The dividend yield matters Why do firms not pay out their free cashflow to equity as dividends? What is the link between corporate governance and the use of FCFE models? Microsoft faces a call to pay dividends. What is the key difference between the cost of capital and APV approaches? When is it more appropriate to use the APV approach to value firms? Adjusted Present Value with growth and changing cost of capital.

How do you value holdings of private companies? What do you do about minority interests? How is the valuation of executive stock options different from the valuation of other options? Option backlash at companies Options at dot. Do you make fewer assumptions when you use multiples than when you do discounted cashflow valuation?

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How do outstanding options affect PE ratio comparisons? Should you look at earnings before or after extraordinary items? How do stock buybacks affect price to book ratios? When do price to book ratios and value to book ratios convey the most information? Price to Book Value Bargains. What is the argument for using sector-specific multiples? When do sector-specific multiples work best? Value per customer? An analysis of Amazon's value Value to Vision?

A New Ratio.

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How do you factor in regulatory constraints and rules into the value of a bank or financial service firm? How does the quality of a bank's loan get reflected in its value? Creative Accounting at Banks. How do you differentiate between earnings drops that are temporary and those that are long-term?

How do you assess the probability of bankruptcy? How do you estimate distress value? Warning signs of distress Valuing Distressed Firms.

Investment Valuation : Tools and Techniques for Determining the Value of Any Asset -

How do you estimate revenue growth in future years for a young firm with no history? How do you consider the possibility that a young firm may not survive? Six Myths about the valuation of technology companies. How can a private business owner maximize the value of the business for sale? Restricted stock discounts. How should the value of synergy be apportioned between the bidder and target firms? How do you factor the effect of rent control into the value of a building?

How do you value vacant land? What is the difference between valuing cash-flow generating assets and collectibles? How do you reduce the impact of the "key person" in a valuation?

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Art as an investment. Why, if a patent is an option, will firms ever exercise the option develop the patent?

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  4. When would you use option pricing to value a firm with patents? When does it make sense to add a premium for the option to expand? How does financial flexibility affect how much firms borrow and how much cash they hold? Real Options and Business Strategy How much is flexibility worth? What are the implications of viewing equity as an option for vulture investing? What are the implications of viewing equity as an option for lenders to firms?

    Vulture Investing. Is there a "best way" to restructure?