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The second aim of the book is to provide a general rendering of that material for an audience outside of academia, though one with some familiarity with philosophical methods and topics.

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The general reader should not need any specialized background in the history of philosophy or political theory to benefit from this work, though a taste for abstract theorizing may well be a prerequisite. It then places that paradigm under scrutiny and raises deep questions about the methodology, fundamental value commitments, and philosophical presuppositions of that view. In this way, the book marks what I take to be a profound shift in political philosophy and perhaps Anglo-American philosophy generally toward asking fundamental questions about its own methods and bases.

This book reflects the rumblings of that challenge by considering some of the. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while.

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1. Introduction: What is Political Philosophy?

Synopsis This accessible and user-friendly text will prove invaluable to any student coming to social and political philosophy for the first time. It provides a broad survey of fundamental social and political questions in modern society, as well as clear, accessible discussions of the philosophical issues central to political thought. Topics covered include: the foundations of political authority, the nature and grounds of economic justice, the limits of tolerance, considerations of community, race, gender, and culture in questions of justice, and radical critiques of current political theories.

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Excerpt This book is intended to serve two related purposes. Philosophy of Science : Contemporary Readings.

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Yuri Balashov , Alexander Rosenberg. This comprehensive anthology draws together writings by leading philosophers on the philosophy of science. Each section is prefaced by an introductory essay from the editors, guiding students gently into the topic.

Accessible and wide-ranging, the text draws on both contemporary and twentieth century sources. The readings are designed to complement Alex Rosenberg's textbook, Philosophy of Science: A Contemporary Introduction Routledge , but can also serve as a stand-alone volume in any philosophy of science course. Structure of the World.